Jörg Zimmermann

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Deficits in sustained attention and vigilance were assessed for oscillatory delta, theta, alpha, and gamma EEG activity during an auditory continuous performance task in patients with schizophrenia and healthy controls by quantifying peak-to-peak amplitudes of averaged and single-trial data. Averaged data indicated significantly reduced amplitudes in(More)
The present study explored anxious apprehension in panic disorder patients and controls in two threat conditions, darkness and threat of shock. Autonomic arousal and startle eyeblink reflexes were recorded in 26 panic disorder patients and 22 controls during adaptation, a safe condition, threat of shock, and darkness. Exposure to darkness resulted in a(More)
Cortical oscillations demonstrate a relationship with cognition. Moreover, they also exhibit associations with task performance and psychiatric mental disorders. This being the case, the modification of oscillations has become one of the key interests of neuroscientific approaches for cognitive enhancement. For such kind of alterations, neurofeedback (NF)(More)
Humans differ in their ability to learn how to control their own brain activity by neurofeedback. However, neural mechanisms underlying these inter-individual differences, which may determine training success and associated cognitive enhancement, are not well-understood. Here, it is asked whether neurofeedback success of frontal-midline (fm) theta, an(More)
Globalization has led to exciting new business opportunities around the globe. Still, national and cultural boundaries have not evaporated into a “borderless world.” Several studies have identified so-called liabilities of foreignness that arise from a lack of embeddedness and roots in the host market and subsequent competitive disadvantages. Countervailing(More)
In einer prospektiven Studie wurde die Wirksamkeit einer Therapie mit Solebädern und anschließender SUP-Bestrahlung bei 40 Patienten mit Psoriasis vulgaris und Neurodermitis atopica untersucht. Es wurden 2 Gruppen mit je 20 Patienten gebildet, wobei in der ersten Gruppe die Patienten in einem 15%igen Solebad, welches das synthetische Tote-Meer-Salz(More)
NEUROSCIENCE Correction for “HDAC1 links early life stress to schizophrenia-like phenotypes,” by Sanaz Bahari-Javan, Hristo Varbanov, Rashi Halder, Eva Benito, Lalit Kaurani, Susanne Burkhardt, Heike AndersonSchmidt, Ion Anghelescu, Monika Budde, Roman M. Stilling, Joan Costa, Juan Medina, Detlef E. Dietrich, Christian Figge, Here Folkerts, Katrin Gade, Urs(More)
The German Association for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (DGPPN) has committed itself to establish a prospective national cohort of patients with major psychiatric disorders, the so-called DGPPN-Cohort. This project will enable the scientific exploitation of high-quality data and biomaterial from psychiatric patients for research. It will be set up using(More)
Schizophrenia is a devastating disease that arises on the background of genetic predisposition and environmental risk factors, such as early life stress (ELS). In this study, we show that ELS-induced schizophrenia-like phenotypes in mice correlate with a widespread increase of histone-deacetylase 1 (Hdac1) expression that is linked to altered DNA(More)
In this paper we develop optimized localization strategies for multinational firms to overcome their liability of foreignness by adding a regional dimension. We explore conceptually whether economic stress in a region has a mitigating or reinforcing effect. We test this analytical framework empirically on the highly internationalized German car market and(More)
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