Jörg Wittwer

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Text categorization technology can be used to streamline the process of content analysis of corpus data. However, while recent results for automatic corpus analysis show great promise, tools that are currently being used for HCI research and practice do not make use of it. Here, we empirically evaluate trade-offs between semi automatic and hand labeling of(More)
Despite a plethora of recommendations for personalization techniques, such approaches often lack empirical justification and their benefits to users remain obscure. The study described in this paper takes a step towards filling this gap by introducing an evidence-based approach for deriving adaptive interaction techniques. In a dialogue experiment with 36(More)
Tutors often have difficulty in accurately assessing their tutees " understanding. However, it is unclear how tutors " professional experience influences their assessment accuracy. Therefore, we conducted a study with N = 46 tutor-tutee dyads and compared the accuracy with which teacher tutors and student tutors assessed a tutee " s understanding of the(More)
Theoretical Background Our research focuses particularly on the intermediate stage of skill acquisition in which the primary instructional aim is to gain understanding and to close knowledge gaps. One very successful instructional approach which tries to optimize cognitive skill acquisition is the use of Cognitive Tutors These computer-based tutors provide(More)
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