Jörg W. Schlundt

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The effects of a Sudanese water purification method traditionally used in Sudan to treat turbid waters were studied with respect to turbidity reduction and removal of faecal indicator bacteria as well as selected enteric bacterial pathogens. Water treatment was performed at 30 degrees C with Moringa oleifera seed material as a coagulant, and the technique(More)
The possibility of including bacterial indicators in programmes for monitoring the disinfection of animal waste treated in biogas plants was examined. Five full-scale plants receiving waste from several farms were monitored. Of these, two used thermophilic and one mesophilic digestion exclusively whereas two employed a two stage process involving(More)
A total of 481 samples of biomass from biogas plants treating slurry and other types of animal waste were examined for the presence of salmonellae by means of five different isolation methods. In 131 samples, Salmonella was isolated by means of one or more methods. A statistical evaluation of the isolation frequencies showed that Rappaport-Vassiliadis broth(More)
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