Jörg Vieweg

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In this paper we propose a novel, network-based, distributed anomaly detection framework for smart phones. Our approach is based upon the distributed collection of arbitrary, static and dynamic smart phone features. Our approach is not limited to features that can be obtained directly on a device, but also includes features that are provided by other(More)
In this paper we present an approach to add Remote Attestation capabilities to the Google Chrome OS platform. Our approach is based on the combination of two integral aspects of Chrome OS: (1) its Verified Boot procedure and (2) its extensible, app-based architecture. Verified Boot ensures the integrity of the static operating system base including(More)
1. OUR CONTRIBUTION Due to the increasing level of utilization, smartphones are commonly used in enterprise environments nowadays. This introduces new threats to such environments like mobile malware with different behavior (mostly exfiltration of user information or abuse of premium services [1]). However, there is currently no established way for an(More)
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