Jörg Thomas Wennmann

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Group living in spiders is characterised by two principle modes, the cooperative social mode and the colonial non-cooperative mode. Kin-relationships due to reduced dispersal determine population genetic structure in social spiders, but the dispersal mechanisms underlying group structure remain poorly understood in colonial spiders. Assuming similar(More)
The genome of Agrotis segetum nucleopolyhedrovirus B (AgseNPV-B) was completely sequenced and compared with whole genome sequences of the Agrotis segetum nucleopolyhedrovirus A (AgseNPV-A) and Agrotis ipsilon nucleopolyhedrovirus (AgipNPV). The AgseNPV-B genome is 148,981 bp in length and encodes 150 putative open reading frames. AgseNPV-B contains two(More)
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