Jörg Seyfried

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A wide range of microcomponents can today be produced using various microfab-rication techniques. The assembly of complex microsystems consisting of several single components (i.e. hybrid microsystems) is, however, a difficult task that is seen to be a real challenge for the robotic research community. It is necessary to conceive flexible, highly precise(More)
Rapid advancements of both microsystem technology and multi-agent systems have generated a new discipline, arising from the fusion of microrobotics technologies and of swarm intelligence theories. Microrobotics contributes with new capabilities in manipulating objects in the microscale and in developing miniaturized intelligent machines, while swarm(More)
This paper describes a distributed algorithm for solving the shortest path problem with a swarm of JASMINE micro-robots. Each robot is only connected via infra-red communication with its neighbours. Based on local information exchange and some simple rules the swarm manages to find the shortest path (shortest path in the number of robots on the path) in a(More)
During the last years, the need for large and complex technical systems has become obvious. Examples are manufacturing cells, transport systems consisting of many vehicles, or robots working together to reach a common goal. As a consequence, the control architectures for these systems are not longer able to guarantee the well known properties of modularity,(More)
Kurzfassung Für die Montage komplexer Mikrosysteme, die aus mehreren einzelnen Komponenten zusammengesetzt werden müssen, ist es notwendig, flexible, hochpräzise und schnelle Mikrohandhabungssysteme zu entwickeln. Die in der vorgestellten Forschungsarbeit entwickelten piezoelektrisch angetriebenen, mobilen Mikroroboter sind viel-seitig einsetzbar und(More)