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The involvement of different regions of the brain in the immune response was investigated with the aid of small electrolytic lesions. The lesions were placed in such a way that they covered different areas of the brain stem, basal ganglia, but also some parts of the frontal cortex. The cellular immune response as well as DNA synthesis with the aid of(More)
The adjuvant effect of a novel synthetic compound adamantylamide dipeptide (AdDP) was tested in a model of delayed hypersensitivity to ovalbumin in guinea pigs, and of immunostimulatory activity in the experiments with 3H thymidine where DNA biosynthesis was measured in several immunocompetent organs after administration of adamantylamide dipeptide. In both(More)
Phenylbutazone disposition after intravenous injection of 50 mg/kg was studied in Lewis and AVN rats treated by mycobacterial adjuvant in comparison with untreated animals. Although the arthritic lesions, body weight loss and decline in albumin concentration developed only in the Lewis strain, an increase of the extrapolated volume of distribution, decline(More)
The transport of cytidine into liver over a wide dose range (0.003--100mumol per animal) proceeds as an nonsaturabel process. After the administration of alpha-hexachlorocyclohexane (alpha-HCH)1 the transport of (G-14C) cytidine is markedly activated if the concentration of nucleoside administered is low; the differences between the control and experimental(More)