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Here we describe a novel specific component of tissue junctions, collagen XXII. It was first identified by screening an EST data base and subsequently expressed as a recombinant protein and characterized as an authentic tissue component. The COL22A1 gene on human chromosome 8q24.2 encodes a collagen that structurally belongs to the FACIT protein family(More)
A blade geometry design method is proposed in this paper, which adopts a novel kinematic ruled surface approximation algorithm. The algorithm is applied to approximate a free-form blade surface as a ruled surface in order to reduce the manufacturing cost. By applying Klein mapping and Study mapping, a ruled surface in Euclidean space is transformed to a(More)
INTRODUCTION The refugee crisis is a great challenge to the social and healthcare system in European countries, especially in Germany. An abundance of data has been published on the refugees' health problems (infections as well as physical diseases and psychiatric problems) and their prevention (i.e., sanitary and vaccination programs). However, data on(More)
– It is widely known that graduates of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics from the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) are very qualified and highly skilled in the craft of mathematics. Is it possible to transfer the exercise-methods from the MSU, which we call the Demidovich-Principle like the author from a famous mathematical task-collection(More)
A ruled surface optimization model is proposed in the paper. It is set up especially to design a blade surface as a ruled surface. In this model, the ruled surface is defined as a dual spherical spline and the control points of the dual spherical spline are served as optimization variables. As points on dual spherical splines correspond to infinite lines in(More)