Jörg Schulz

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In analogy to classical engineering disciplines, this contribution discusses characteristics and requirements of an engineering approach to enterprise architecture design and proposes components and a top-level structure of an approach to address these requirements. The proposed components can partially be realized by existing work; partially they lay out(More)
As part of a placebo-controlled study series, a random sample of 50-year-old rehabilitation patients was examined to determine whether the complementary use of a physical treatment method to stimulate arteriolar vasomotion would improve the therapeutic success of established measures for the purposes of physical conditioning. The result showed that both the(More)
As part of a placebo-controlled study series on a random sample of patients with diabetic polyneuropathy and trophic skin lesions on the edge of the foot, functional characteristics of the local microcirculation and immune system were measured to check the complementary-therapy success of biorhythmically defined vasomotion stimulation. Over a 30-day(More)
BACKGROUND Spontaneous intracranial hypotension (SIH) is a neurologic condition with the prototypical symptom of orthostatic headache. We report a dramatic case of SIH with life-threatening bilateral hygroma and uncal herniation. METHODS Case report. RESULTS A 44-year-old male patient presenting with orthostatic headache and double vision was diagnosed(More)
Since October 1961, 2064 operations the implantation of pacemakers were carried out in Düsseldorf. Based upon a clinical material of 1000 patients, the special indications for pacemaker therapy in 122 are discussed. The indications are mainly disturbances of the source of the cardiac impulse and its transmission within the area of the atrium, and the(More)
On two samples of rehabilitation patients of different age groups (approx. 38 years and approx. 51 years), via a placebo-controlled study series using representative features of microcirculation, the complementary therapeutic success of additional treatment complementing the biorhythmically defined physical vasomotion stimulation was determined. The results(More)