Jörg Rekittke

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Impaired function of the phospholamban (PLB)-regulated sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca(2+) pump (SERCA2a) contributes to cardiac dysfunction in heart failure (HF). PLB downregulation may increase SERCA2a activity and improve cardiac function. Small interfering (si)RNAs mediate efficient gene silencing by RNA interference (RNAi). However, their use for in vivo(More)
The research project “Grassroots GIS” focuses on the development of low-cost mapping and publishing methods for slums and slum-upgrading projects in Manila. In this project smartphones, collaborative mapping and 3D visualization applications are systematically employed to support landscape architectural analysis and design work in the context of urban(More)
The Lenné3D system is a prototype for a GIS-data based visualization tool for interactive exploration of three-dimensional landscapes. Lenné3D is primarily intended for use in landscape planning in order to enable scenarios and planned landscapes to be anticipated and explored by stakeholders and the general public. During preparation for the Lenné3D(More)
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