Jörg Petrasch

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The spatial averaging theorem is applied to rigorously derive continuum-scale equations of radiative transfer in two-phase media consisting of either two semi-transparent or one semitransparent and one opaque homogeneous phases in the limit of geometric optics. The derivations are based on the equations of radiative transfer and the corresponding boundary(More)
An algorithm for the generation of tetrahedral volume meshes is developed for highly irregular objects specified by volumetric representations such as domain indicator functions and tomography data. It is based on red–green refinement of an initial mesh derived from a body-centered cubic lattice. A quantitative comparison of alternative types of initial(More)
Clathrate hydrates are inclusion compounds in which guest molecules are trapped in a host lattice formed by water molecules. They are considered an interesting option for future energy supply and storage technologies. In the current paper, time lapse 3D micro computed tomographic (µCT) imaging with ice and tetrahydrofuran (THF) clathrate hydrate particles(More)
The mathematical formulation of the continuum approach to radiative transfer modeling in two-phase semi-transparent media is numerically validated by comparing radiative fluxes computed by (i) direct, discrete-scale and (ii) continuum-scale approaches. The analysis is based on geometrical optics. The discrete-scale approach uses the Monte Carlo ray-tracing(More)
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