Jörg P. Adamczewski

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Extracts of activated Xenopus eggs in which protein synthesis has been inhibited support a single round of chromosomal DNA replication. Affinity-depletion of cyclin dependent kinases (Cdks) from these extracts blocks the initiation of DNA replication. We define 'S-phase promoting factor' (SPF) as the Cdk activity required for DNA replication in these(More)
A protein kinase activity that phosphorylates the C-terminal domain (CTD) of RNA polymerase II and is associated with the basal transcription-repair factor TFIIH (also called BTF2) resides with MO15, a cyclin-dependent protein kinase that was first found to be involved in cell cycle regulation. Using in vivo and in vitro repair assays, we show that MO15 is(More)
The retinoblastoma gene (Rb) product is a negative regulator of cellular proliferation, an effect that could be mediated in part at the transcriptional level through its ability to complex with the sequence-specific transcription factor DRTF1. This interaction is modulated by adenovirus E1a, which sequesters the Rb protein and several other cellular(More)
  • J Adamczewski-Musch, H G Essel, +4 authors Data Acqui
  • 2009
DABC purpose The DABC [1] addresses requirements of FAIR experiments like CBM [2] for detector and data acquisition test beds. As it is implemented it also provides a general purpose DAQ framework for experiments in production. DABC is able to handle any kind of front-end systems and provides event building over fast networks using commodity hard-and(More)
Network requirements The data acquisition for future experiments at FAIR requires a fast and relatively large network farm for event data transport from front-end electronics to the computing nodes where further event analysis can be performed. The CBM experiment, for example, produces about 1 TB/s of raw data rate, which should be switched in such event(More)
Figure 1: Screen shot of the Hades Online-Monitor: main panel, trigger monitor and configuration panel. Online-monitoring of detector and trigger performance, of data stream and acquisition is crucial for successfully running a complex experiment like HADES[1]. To assure the data quality throughout the running period in November/December 2002, a common(More)
Monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapeutics have tremendous potential to benefit patients with lung diseases, for which there remains substantial unmet medical need. To capture the current state of mAb research and development in the area of respiratory diseases, the Research Center of Respiratory Diseases (CEPR-INSERM U1100), the Laboratory of Excellence(More)
High performance DAQ systems are required by the next generation experiments at FAIR like CBM [1] [2]. After combining data from several input channels in the front-end systems the event building is done through standard networks. A bidirectional data rate per node of 1 GByte/s is needed. Several hundred nodes might be necessary to achieve the required(More)
Go4 developed at GSI is an analysis framework with a general purpose non blocking GUI. Go4 is based on ROOT. The GUI is implemented in Qt using GSI's QtROOT interface. Analysis and GUI run in separate tasks communicating through asynchronous object channels. A Go4 analysis may use any ROOT features. It can be organized in steps, which can be controlled from(More)
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