Jörg Moisel

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Micro-optics is usually associated with planar waveguides or integrated optical circuits. In this case the propagation of light is restricted to one or two dimensions, and the three-dimensional nature of light propagation is disregarded. We present a method of fabricating three-dimensional micro-optical components by the so-called LIGA process, a(More)
For the conversion of light from edge-emitting laser diodes into symmetric laser beams two main tasks have to be performed: collimation and beam shaping. Generally these two jobs are performed separately. Because of the inherently different divergence angles of the emitted light, collimation with astigmatic lenses generally results in a beam with an(More)
We demonstrate a refractive micr-optical system by using ion-exchange microlenses and microprisms, which are combined to generate a superposition of two shifted images. The microlenses, fabricated with field-assisted Ag-Na exchange, achieve diffraction-limited imaging with a single-lens system and with a double-lens system for a field of 800 µm × 800 µm.(More)
A new concept for a common interface between passive and active single-mode devices is proposed. The submicrometer alignment accuracy necessary for efficient coupling of single-mode devices is extended to the range of some 10 mum by beam expansion with planar gradient-index microlenses; the increased angular sensitivity is satisfied by the use of planar(More)
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