Jörg Müller

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A comprehensive analysis of the proteins found in human spermatozoa is essential for understanding the events leading up to, and including, fertilization and development. Proteomics offers a platform for investigating this process, provided that the dynamic range is relatively low. In this report, spermatozoa from a number of human sperm ejaculates were(More)
Diabetes is caused by an absolute (type 1) or relative (type 2) deficiency of insulin-producing beta cells. We have disrupted expression of the mitochondrial protein frataxin selectively in pancreatic beta cells. Mice were born healthy but subsequently developed impaired glucose tolerance progressing to overt diabetes mellitus. These observations were(More)
The R-specific alcohol dehydrogenase (RADH) from Lactobacillus brevis is an NADP-dependent, homotetrameric member of the extended enzyme family of short-chain dehydrogenases/reductases (SDR) with a high biotechnological application potential. Its preferred in vitro substrates are prochiral ketones like acetophenone with almost invariably a small methyl(More)
Proteomics represents a powerful tool for the analysis of mammalian spermatozoa, since these terminally differentiated cells are transcriptionally inactive and exhibit a limited dynamic range of protein expression. Here we report the identification of 5123 peptides, leading to 829 unambiguous and 2215 redundant gene products found to be present within rat(More)
Experiments were designed to evaluate changes in the transcriptome (mRNA levels) in the ovulatory, luteinizing follicle of rhesus monkeys, using a controlled ovulation model that permits analysis of the naturally selected, dominant follicle at specific intervals (0, 12, 24 and 36 h) after exposure to an ovulatory (exogenous hCG) stimulus during the(More)
CONTEXT Changes in vascular permeability and expansion of the fluid-filled antrum are major events in the LH-induced ovulatory process. OBJECTIVES Our objective was to investigate the presence and expression levels of aquaporins (AQPs) in the granulosa and theca cell compartments of the follicle during defined phases of human ovulation. DESIGN AND(More)
Bureau International des Poids et Mesures, F-92312 Sevres, France Mean values, traditionally used as a location parameter in the analysis of intercomparisons, are known to lack stability against the effect of “outliers”. It is therefore proposed to replace (or complement) them by the use of medians, which have better statistical “robustness”. An estimate(More)
As pervasive computing technologies leave the labs, they are starting to be used for the purpose of advertising. Pervasive Advertising has the potential to affect everyone’s life, but it seems that a knowledge gap is preventing us from shaping this development in a meaningful way. In particular, many marketing and advertising professionals have an expert(More)
Spermatogenesis occurs within the highly complex seminiferous epithelium. This cyclic process is accompanied by dynamic stage-specific transcriptional changes and is driven by androgens and FSH by mechanisms that are unclear. Here we report the impact of acute androgen and FSH suppression on the transcriptional dynamics of the seminiferous epithelium. We(More)
The crystal structure of the apo-form of an R-specific alcohol dehydrogenase from Lactobacillus brevis (LB-RADH) was solved and refined to 1.8A resolution. LB-RADH is a member of the short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR) enyzme superfamily. It is a homotetramer with 251 amino acid residues per subunit and uses NADP(H) as co-enzyme. NADPH and the(More)