Jörg Müller-Lietzkow

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The following paper proposes a new two-step framework for the analysis of serious games, one that first looks at their use for personal and/or professional contexts. It then looks at the challenges serious game developers face in today’s entertainment driven environment. It suggests that societal and market challenges must be resolved to allow for the(More)
The field of Digital Humanities is characterized by complex questions and interdisciplinary discussions. That applies not only to the cultural science-based side of the humanities but also to the digital representation of cultural artefacts and, among other things, their processing, analysis, preservation and long-term availability. In order to handle these(More)
This paper deals with the question how much “Sport” is in sports games. Taking the broad market for sports games and games with sports content, it seems to be necessary to define a new taxonomy. This would, on the one hand, enable new scientific research, especially for sports and computer science, and on the other hand give insights into how the market is(More)
In 1991 nobody really expected to discuss the question, if the real threat for the future of Microsoft will be an OS created by a student, distributed freely and developed by thousands of unknown helping hands. Thirteen years later, the question is no longer if Linux is a threat to Microsoft. Now, the question aims in a different direction. Today many great(More)
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