Jörg Langner

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This paper introduces a new method for an integrated display of tempo and loudness variations as measured in expressive music performance. This visualization technique includes data acquisition from both MIDI instruments and audio recordings, data reduction by smoothing measured performance data, and animated display on computer screen in synchrony with the(More)
The replacement of lost teeth and tooth-bearing tissues with implant-supported prostheses often forced both dentist and technician to choose removable overdentures because they were the only treatment modality possible. By means of a clinical case, this article demonstrates a new approach in framework design that not only expands the limitations of(More)
The more complicated a forging geometry is, the more flash is necessary to achieve a form filling and a part free of defects. Most small and medium sized enterprises (SME) forge many different parts in small and medium batch sizes and cannot afford the high effort to design more efficient forging processes. In the following paper the development of a(More)
During the last decade, water sensitive urban design (WSUD) has become more and more accepted. However, there is not any simple tool or option available to evaluate the influence of these measures on the local water balance. To counteract the impact of new settlements, planners focus on mitigating increases in runoff through installation of infiltration(More)
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