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In a real-world network, different hosts involved in covert channel communication run different covert channel software as well as different versions of such software, i.e. these systems use different network protocols for a covert channel. A program that implements a network covert channel for mobile usage thus must be capable of utilizing multiple network(More)
Within the last years, new techniques for network covert channels arose, such as covert channel overlay networking, protocol switching covert channels, and adaptive covert channels. These techniques have in common that they rely on covert channel-internal control protocols (so called micro protocols) placed within the hidden bits of a covert chan-nel's(More)
—Covert channels aim to carry information in a way prohibited by the security policy and can be used to bypass censorship (e.g. by journalists). To establish secure covert channel communications, overlay networks with internal control protocols can be built. We present a design method for control protocols within covert channels. Our protocol design(More)