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The Saarbr ucken Parallel Random Access Machine (SB-PRAM) is a scalable shared memory machine. At the gate level it is a re-engineered version of the Fluent machine A. G. Ranade, It uses hashing of adresses, combining and latency hiding. A prototype with 128 processors is presently being designed. In this paper we deal with several problems related to the(More)
Lithium concentrations and Li isotope compositions are reported for natrocarbonatites and silicate lavas from Oldoinyo Lengai, Tanzania. Natrocarbonatites are characterized by very high Li contents (211–294 ppm) and a narrow range of δ 7 Li values between + 3.3 and + 5.1. These Li isotope compositions overlap with those reported for MORB and OIB and suggest(More)
Fisheye views of graphs are pictures of layouted graphs as seen through a sheye lens. They allow to display, in one picture, a small part of the graph enlarged while the graph is shown completely. Thus they combine the features of a zoom|presenting details| and of an overview picture|showing global structure. In previous work the part of the graph to be(More)
PURPOSE The present study was designed to investigate the neural correlates of German Sign Language (Deutsche Gebärdensprache; DGS) processing. In particular, was expected the impact of the visuo-spatial mode in sign language on underlying neural networks compared to the impact of the interpretation of linguistic information. METHODS For this purpose, two(More)
In a real-world network, different hosts involved in covert channel communication run different covert channel software as well as different versions of such software, i.e. these systems use different network protocols for a covert channel. A program that implements a network covert channel for mobile usage thus must be capable of utilizing multiple network(More)