Jörg Hofstätter

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The school context provides a fruitful and at the same challenging environment to get children engaged in creative development activities. Within this paper we highlight the opportunities and challenges when involving children in the design and development process of interactive technologies with a special focus on this educational context. A summary of the(More)
Over the last decade increasing numbers of enteritis cases have been attributed to infection with a new coccidian species that was named Cyclospora cayetanensis in 1993. Diarrhea caused by this agent is clinically indistinguishable from cryptosporidiosis, isosporiasis and microsporidiosis, but Cyclospora infections are often very prolonged (up to 15 weeks)(More)
A significant proportion of research in the field of human-computer interaction has been devoted to game design. Yet, a multitude of good ideas and enthusiastic game design initiatives exist, where the games never see the light of day. Unfortunately, the causes of these failures remain often unexplored and unpublished. The challenges faced by researchers(More)
This paper presents the results of a first user evaluation of the Augmented Virtual TV prototype designed to augment the TV program experience. It gives the user the possibility to apply the information learned in a traditional TV program in a PC based application using a game format, which is closely connected to the topics featured in the broadcasted TV(More)
Energy consumption reserves a large portion of the budget for school buildings. At the same time, the students that use such facilities are the adults of the years to come and thus, should they embrace energy-aware behaviors, then sustainable results with respect to energy efficiency are anticipated. GAIA is a research project targeting this user domain,(More)
This paper presents our evaluation approach for a specific case study, namely the evaluation of an early prototype of an educational game with children aged between 12 and 14 years. The main goal of this initial evaluation study was to explore children’s first impressions and experiences of the game on the one hand and to assess the students’ ideas and(More)
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