Jörg Hilpert

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Recently, technologies for parametric coding of multi-channel audio signals have received wide attention under the name of “Spatial Audio Coding.” In contrast to a fully discrete representation of multi-channel sound, these techniques allow for a backward compatible transmission at bitrates only slightly higher than rates commonly used for mono / stereo(More)
This article provides a compact overview of the history, technology, and performance of MPEG Surround. The technology of MPEG Surround is based on the spatial audio coding (SAC) principle: In the encoder, a mono- or stereophonic down- mix is generated from the multichannel input signal, and additional parametric side information is extracted to guide the(More)
Simulierte Welten (engl. “Simulated Worlds”) relays HPC knowledge at secondary schools in the German state of Baden Wuerttemberg, through the collection, design and provision of related material, the documentation of successful teaching concepts, as well as direct interaction with teachers and scholars. The project was initiated by High Performance(More)
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