Jörg Hasenclever

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Hydrothermal flow at oceanic spreading centres accounts for about ten per cent of all heat flux in the oceans and controls the thermal structure of young oceanic plates. It also influences ocean and crustal chemistry, provides a basis for chemosynthetic ecosystems, and has formed massive sulphide ore deposits throughout Earth's history. Despite this, how(More)
Paleo-climate records and geodynamic modelling indicate the existence of complex interactions between glacial sea level changes, volcanic degassing and atmospheric CO2, which may have modulated the climate system's descent into the last ice age. Between ∼85 and 70 kyr ago, during an interval of decreasing axial tilt, the orbital component in global(More)
We present 2-D, 3-D, and spherical mesh generators for the Finite Element Method (FEM) using triangular and tetrahedral elements. The mesh nodes are treated as if they were linked by virtual springs that obey Hooke’s law. Given the desired length for the springs, the FEM is used to solve for the optimal nodal positions for the static equilibrium of this(More)
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