Jörg Hörner

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Weighted extended B-splines (web-splines) combine the computational efficiency of B-splines and the geometric flexibility of standard finite elements on unstructured meshes. These new finite elements on uniform grids (cf. [5] and www.web-spline.de) are ideally suited for vectorization, parallelization and multilevel techniques. In this project we explore(More)
Wediscuss themain components of the recently developed FEMB program package, which implements finite elementmethodswithweighted B-splines for basic linear elliptic boundary value problems in two and three dimensions. A three-dimensional implementation without topological restrictions has not been available before. We describe in particular the mathematical(More)
Multigrid algorithms are the method of choice for solving large Ritz-Galerkin systems for elliptic boundary value problems. Using b-spline bases provides geometric flexibility as well as many computational advantages and permits particularly efficient and elegant implementations. This is described for a fairly general discretization which covers all(More)
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