Jörg Giffei

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The mortality and morbidity of newborns with low birth-weight are considerably higher than in newborns with normal body-weight. The incidence of perinatal death and injury is highest in the low birth-weight group. In countries with low prematurity rates perinatal mortality is in most cases correspondingly low, e. g. Sweden and the Netherlands. Hence the(More)
Es wird über die ersten Erfahrungen mit der kontinuierlich messenden Gewebe-pH-Elektrode berichtet. 22mal gelang es, gut geeichte Elektroden an den fetalen Kopf anzulegen. Von diesen müssen acht Fälle wegen nicht stabiler Meßwerte als Versager betrachtet werden. Von den verbleibenden 14 Messungen waren sieben von guter bzw. akzeptabler Qualität, die übrigen(More)
This is a report on the use of a stapling device for caesarean sections. The device can be inserted right and left after a very small median uterotomy. It cuts the uterine wall and at the same time places clips on the edges of the wound. The clips are made of a hydrolysable material that can be absorbed in the tissue and can also be used for surgical(More)
In contrast to other lipophilic antioxidants Coenzyme Q10 originates from food intake as well as from endogenous synthesis. The CoQ10 concentration and lipid content of maternal milk and maternal plasma was investigated during early lactation. Breast milk was obtained from 23 women: A: colostrums (24-48 hours postpartum), B: transitional milk (day 7 pp), C:(More)
Bei Risikogravidität kommt es zu einer Abnahme enddiastolischen Blutflusses in Nabelarterie und fetaler Aorta, in der fetalen Carotis communis steigt der enddiastolische Blutfluß jedoch an. Schwangerschaften mit kompletten Verlust enddiastolischen Blutflusses in der Nabelarterie und/oder fetalen Aorta weisen vor der 32. SSW ein hohes Risiko perinataler(More)
TARGET The significant aim of the study was to prove whether it makes sense to apply the classical approach of diagnostic procedures to the fetus. PATIENTS AND METHODS In a group of a total of 534 singleton pregnancies we examined the value of various biochemical and biophysical tests for detecting the risk of perinatal hypoxia. The sequence and(More)
Between 10th May 1974 and 31st June 1980, 12960 births were registered at the Maternity Hospital, Neukölln; in 508 patients 536 (3,9%) external versions of the fetus from breech to vertex presentation near term were performed under tocolysis; of these 53% were successful. The incidence of births with breech presentation and/or transverse presentation could(More)
Since 1974 we have performed more than 500 external versions of the fetus from breech to vertex presentation under tocolysis near to term. Among these were 20 patients who had previously had a caesarean section; in 15 cases the version was successful and in 5 cases unsuccessful. There were only 4 cases of short-lasting bradycardia or slight longer-lasting(More)
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