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Choosing the right test cases is an important task in software development due to high costs of software testing as well as the significance of software failures. Therefore, evaluating the quality of test techniques and test suites may help improving test results. Benchmarking has been successfully applied to various domains such as database performance.(More)
spielsweisek ombinatorische Ansätzew ie Orthogonal Arrays (OA) [WP96, Ma85], CombinatorialA uctionT estS uite (CATS) [Sh94],A utomatic EfficientT estG enerator (AETG) [CDP96,B JE94], Covering Arrays (CA) [Wi00] und Base Choice (BC) [AO94].A lle genanntenV erfahren habenn eben derA utomatisierbarkeit denV orteil, dass eine im Vergleich zumv ollständigen Test(More)
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