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Hand aesthetics have been poorly described because function is the main reason why patients consult a surgeon about their hands. Ideal proportions are based on normal anatomy, which is a prerequisite for aesthetics. A literature review was performed. Anatomically correct proportions are, besides adequate soft tissue, the most important aspects of hands(More)
BACKGROUND Traumatic and nontraumatic defects of the distal third of the tibia are challenging in regard to soft tissue coverage. While local, pedicled fasciocutaneous perforator flaps allow adequate coverage, the donor site often requires skin grafting. When a local perforator flap is designed as a 180-degree propeller flap, an excellent esthetic result(More)
BACKGROUND Current surgical approaches to the distal radius include dorsal and palmar plate fixation. While palmar plates have gained widespread popularity, few reports have provided data on long term clinical outcomes in comparison. This paper reports the result of a randomised clinical study comparing dorsal Pi plates and palmar, angle-stable plates for(More)
The results and complications using a palmar plate system with the possibility of multidirectional fixed-angle screw fixation (Aptus® Radius 2.5 mm by Medartis®) for the treatment of unstable distal radius fractures were evaluated in a single cohort study including 62 patients. Patients with extra- and intraarticular fractures were evaluated separately. The(More)
Enchondromata are the most frequent benign tumours of the bones of the hand. From 1973 to 1990 77 patients were treated at the trauma- and hand surgery department of the Westfälische Wilhelms-University in Münster because of a histologically confirmed enchondroma. Those 52 patients (32 female, 20 male, average age 32 years), who were operated on until 1986(More)
INTRODUCTION Soft tissue defects exposing the Achilles tendon are challenging. Local perforator flaps represent a valuable option gaining increasing popularity. Despite preoperative planning an adequate perforator cannot always be found intraoperatively. The free peroneal artery perforator flap can serve as a back-up option limiting the donor site morbidity(More)
Enchondromas are the most common bone tumors of the hand. In a retrospective study, medical records and radiographs of 112 patients were reviewed. These patients were operated on between January 1973 and June 1997. After extirpation of the tumor, the defect was preferably treated with bone grafting in 102 patients. A malignant transformation(More)
Complex injuries of the distal forearm and the hand by industrial machines often require extensive reconstructive procedures. Crush injuries with soft tissue damage extending over the limits of visible injury require a special approach. Large soft tissue defects often have to be covered by extensive flap procedures. The optimum point of time for plastic(More)
Palmar plate fixation of unstable distal radial fractures is quickly becoming the standard treatment for this common injury. The literature reporting complications consists mainly of isolated case reports or small case series. Between February 2004 and December 2009 palmar plate fixation was performed in 665 cases. The overall complication rate was 11.3 %(More)
Reports on late results in perilunate dislocations and fracture dislocations are rare. In a series of 22 male patients with perilunate dislocation or fracture dislocation, treated operatively between 1976 and 1987, 15 patients (68%) were investigated 12 years (8 to 19 years, median/range) postoperatively. The average range of motion of the injured wrist was(More)