Jörg Fehr

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The hematologic consequences of infection with the noncytopathic lymphocytic choriomen-ingitis virus (LCMV) were studied in wild-type mice with inherent variations in their inter-feron (IFN)-␣ / ␤ responder ability and in mutant mice lacking ␣ / ␤ (IFN-␣ / ␤ R 0/0) or ␥ IFN (IFN-␥ R 0/0) receptors. During the first week of infection, wild type mice(More)
Aplastic anemia may be associated with persistent viral infections that result from failure of the immune system to control virus. To evaluate the effects on hematopoiesis exerted by sustained viral replication in the presence of activated T cells, blood values and bone marrow (BM) function were analyzed in chronic infection with lymphocytic(More)
Iron deficiency is known to cause symptoms such as fatigue, depression and restless legs syndrome resulting in impaired quality of life and working capacity. We sought to examine the iron status of reportedly healthy individuals by a framed study design in 58 highly educated Swiss hospital employees and to compare the use of non invasive tests for assessing(More)
Over the recent years the importance of numerical experiments has gradually been more recognized. Nonetheless, sufficient documentation of how computational results have been obtained is often not available. Especially in the scientific computing and applied mathematics domain this is crucial, since numerical experiments are usually employed to verify the(More)
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