Jörg F. Unger

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Abnormalities in limbic-thalamic-cortical networks are hypothesized to modulate human mood states. In the present study differences in hippocampal volumes of patients with a first episode of depression, recurrent major depression and healthy control subjects were examined with high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Male patients with a first(More)
In real case applications within the virtual prototyping process, it is not always possible to reduce the complexity of the physical models and to obtain numerical models which can be solved quickly. Usually, every single numerical simulation takes hours or even days. Although the progresses in numerical methods and high performance computing, in such(More)
Personality traits are significant factors in the development and course of depression. Apart from the classical five-factor model of personality, other personality constellations, such as Tellenbach's Typus melancholicus, have been described in association with depressive disorder. Several instruments have been developed to assess the Typus melancholicus(More)
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