Jörg Ender

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AIMS We sought to investigate the additional value of real-time three-dimensional transoesophageal echocardiography (RT 3D TOE)-guided sizing for predicting annuloplasty ring size during mitral valve repair. METHODS AND RESULTS In 53 patients undergoing elective mitral valve repair, an RT 3D TOE was performed pre- and post-operatively. The digitally(More)
Mitral valve (MV) diseases are among the most common types of heart diseases, while heart diseases are the most common cause of death worldwide. MV repair surgery is connected to higher survival rates and fewer complications than the total replacement of the MV, but MV repair requires extensive patient-specific therapy planning. The simulation of MV repair(More)
INTRODUCTION Fast-track treatment in cardiac surgery has become the global standard of care. We compared the efficacy and safety of a specialised post-anaesthetic care unit (PACU) to a conventional intensive care unit (ICU) in achieving defined fast-track end-points in adult patients after elective cardiac surgery. METHODS In a prospective, single(More)
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