Jörg Ehrit

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The cycloSal approach has been used in the past for the synthesis of a range of phosphorylated bioconjugates. In those reports, cycloSal nucleotides were allowed to react with different phosphate nucleophiles. With glycopyranosyl phosphates as nucleophiles, diphosphate-linked sugar nucleotides were formed. Here, cycloSal-nucleotides were used to prepare(More)
Polysialyltransferases (polySTs) play critical roles in diverse biological processes, including neural development, tumorigenesis, and bacterial pathogenesis. Although the bacterial enzymes are presumed to have evolved to provide molecular mimics of the host-specific polysialic acid, no analytical technique is currently available to facilitate a direct(More)
Oligo- and polysaccharides have myriad applications as therapeutic reagents from glycoconjugate vaccines to matrices for tissue engineering. Polysaccharide length may vary over several orders of magnitude and is a critical determinant of both their physical properties and biological activities. Therefore, the tailored synthesis of oligo- and polysaccharides(More)
α2,8-Linked polysialic acid (polySia) is an oncofoetal antigen with high abundance during embryonic development. It reappears in malignant tumours of neuroendocrine origin. Two polysialyltransferases (polySTs) ST8SiaII and IV are responsible for polySia biosynthesis. During development, both enzymes are essential to control polySia expression. However, in(More)
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