Jörg Ebbing

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S U M M A R Y The Scandinavian Mountain Chain (the Scandes) exhibits characteristics that are unusual for an old, Palaeozoic mountain belt. These include renewed Neogene uplift in a passive margin setting and the lack of a pronounced crustal root. We investigate the influence of present-day thermal, compositional and geometric structures in the crust and(More)
The synthesis and single crystal X-ray structures of four adducts of squaric acid with cyclic nitrogen bases are reported. Extensive hydrogen bonding, ionic interactions and (in one case) π-π-interactions lead to layered, and to twoand three-dimensional assemblies. [Pyrimidinium][hydrogenquadratate] (1) has a layer structure, consisting of head-to-tail(More)
The Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) satellite aimed at determining the Earth's mean gravity field. GOCE delivered gravity gradients containing directional information, which are complicated to use because of their error characteristics and because they are given in a rotating instrument frame indirectly related to the Earth.(More)
We explore how GOCE gravity gradient data can improve modeling of the Earth's lithosphere and thereby contribute to a better understanding of the Earth's dynamic processes. We study the use of gravity gradient grids to provide improved information about the lithosphere and upper mantle in the well-surveyed NorthEast Atlantic Margin. In particular, we(More)
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