Jörg Draeger

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Microgravity leads to a "fluid shift" towards the upper parts of the body and, therefore, to a rise of the intraocular pressure. Parabolic flights have also demonstrated some rise of the intraocular pressure. During the first German Spacelab mission D1, changes of the intraocular pressure were investigated for the first time in space. The first pressure(More)
OBJECTIVE In order to investigate the safety of whole body hyperthermia (WBH) within the context of systemic Cancer Multistep Therapy (sCMT) in patients with disseminated malignancies, cardiopulmonary changes and various organ functions were examined. METHODS AND PROCEDURES Fifty-seven sCMT treatments were performed in 22 patients. WBH with a plateau(More)
This phase I/II study evaluated the feasibility, toxicity and response rates of von Ardenne's systemic cancer multistep therapy (sCMT) when applied as an adjunct to cytostatic therapy in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer. sCMT consists of whole-body hyperthermia (WBH) at 41.8-42.1 degrees C, hyperglycaemia and hyperoxaemia. All patients who entered(More)
BACKGROUND Two new tonometers have been introduced that are based on the impedance principle. Both the TGDc-01 (transpalpebral measurement) and the iCare (corneal measurement) do not require corneal anaesthesia. The present work presents an evaluation of both devices. METHODS Comparative measurements using one of the new tonometers and applanation(More)
Plasma sterilization is a nontoxic fast procedure for thermolabile and thermostable microsurgical instruments. We report data on the microbicidal effectiveness for daily routine surgical instruments like steel scissors, trephination devices, microstripper and Vitro-Cat as well as irrigation/aspiration instruments. When these instruments were cleaned from(More)
The efficacy and applicability of dual vital staining of human and porcine corneal endothelium with trypan blue and alizarin red S stains was investigated. Exposure of endothelial cells to different concentrations of these two dyes for varying periods of time revealed that 0.3% solution of trypan blue for 1 minute followed by 0.2% solution of alizarin red S(More)
BACKGROUND Corneal refractive surgical procedures alter the shape and structure of the tissue, possibly compromising its mechanical stability. METHODS One or both eyes of 87 subjects were studied: 26 of these 87 had been treated for myopia by excimer laser ablation and 36 by radial keratotomy; 25 without previous corneal surgery functioned as controls.(More)
The relationship between experimentally induced intraocular lens (IOL) haptic deformation and resulting elastic haptic counter-resisting forces measured by electronic dynamometry was examined for 34 different IOL haptics of varying material composition and geometrical designs. Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) and polypropylene loops of similar geometry did(More)
There is no doubt that besides the anatomical changes in vitreous and retinal structures mechanical factors are involved in producing retinal detachment. Especially vertical accelerations can produce fast movements of the vitreous, which also can induce the retina. To investigate the effect of various external movements upon the eye a number of experiments(More)
In this study 150 pig corneas and 20 human corneas were dissected with an automatic rotating microkeratome for lamellar grafting. The cornea thickness varied between 0.507 mm and 0.829 with an average 0.66 mm. The aim of this investigation was to show the influence of corneal thickness, the chosen diameter and spacing on the precision of cutting lenticles.(More)