Jörg Czeranski

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Component recovery supports program understanding, architecture recovery, and re-use. Among the best known techniques for detection of re-usable objects (related global variables and their accessor functions) is Delta-IC [2]. This paper re-visits the original approach and extends it in different ways. It describes a variant of Delta-IC suitable for reverse(More)
We used the Bauhaus tool, which helps program understanding and architecture recovery, to analyze the xfig program. xfig's architecture was recovered and all of the (hypothetical) maintenance tasks described in the Developer Handbook were performed. The Bauhaus project researches reengineering techniques to help program understanding of legacy code. Part of(More)
When developing a software product line, software engineers are confronted with the task of configuration and revision management for the product line as a whole. Furthermore, both on domain and product level explicit variation management has to be provided for. While there are partial solutions to these tasks, there is no integrated support for the product(More)
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