Jörg Cassens

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We present an overview of different theories of explanation from the philosophy and cognitive science communities. Based on these theories, as well as models of explanation from the knowledge-based systems area, we present a framework for explanation in case-based reasoning (CBR) based on explanation goals. We propose ways that the goals of the user and(More)
In this paper, we describe an approach to modelling contextaware systems starting on the knowledge level. We make use of ideas from Activity Theory to structure the general context model and to assess empirical data. We further on describe how the data-driven and the model-driven aspects of our approach are combined into a single knowledge model. We outline(More)
Research on explanation in Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) is a topic that gains momentum. In this context, fundamental issues on what are and to which end do we use explanations have to be reconsidered. This article presents a prelimenary outline of the combination of two recently proposed classifications of explanations based on the type of the explanation(More)
We have argued elsewhere that user goals should be taken into account when deciding what kind of explanation of its results a CBR system should give. In this paper, we propose the use of an Activity Theory based methodology for identifying different user goals and expectations towards explanations given by a system supporting a work process.
Technological progress has made it possible to interact with computer systems and applications anywhere and any time. It is crucial that these applications are able to adapt to the user, as a person, and to its current situation, whatever that is. Contextual information and a mechanism to reason about it have demonstrated an important potential to provide(More)
In this paper, we present a short overview of different theories of explanation. We argue that the goals of the user should be taken into account when deciding what is a good explanation for a given CBR system. Some general types relevant to many Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) systems are identified and we use these goals to identify some limitations in using(More)
A lot of research has been done in the area of context-aware computing. Even though, the term context seems often not to be well defined. We attribute this problem partly to the fact that research often focuses on syntactical and technical issues of contextuality and does not take a knowledge level perspective on context. When including the knowledge level,(More)