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In the context of developing a noninvasive, practicable method for population size estimation in wild boar, we present a stepwise procedure to reduce the number of required microsatellite markers for individual genotyping. Step1: an initial marker set of 12 microsatellite loci was tested for species specificity with nontarget DNA and resulted in an(More)
In the majority of socially monogamous bird species, females have offspring sired by males other than their social mate as the result of extra-pair copulations. While it is widely recognised that there is considerable variation in the frequency of extra-pair paternity between species, between populations of a species and between individuals of a population,(More)
Twenty-one different caprine and 13 ovine MHC-DRB exon 2 sequences were determined including part of the adjacent introns containing simple repetitive (gt)n(ga)m elements. The positions for highly polymorphic DRB amino acids vary slightly among ungulates and other mammals. From man and mouse to ungulates the basic (gt)n(ga)m structure is fixed in evolution(More)
A serologic survey of the blacktail jackrabbit ( Lepus californicus ) for infections with 10 arboviruses was conducted from 1971 through 1974 along the Sacramento River in Butte County, California. Of 325 animals captured and bled a total of 493 times, 40% were found positive for hemagglutination-inhibiting (HI) antibody to California encephalitis (CE)(More)
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