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Chloroplast biogenesis requires the large-scale import of cytosolically synthesized precursor proteins. A trimeric translocon (Toc complex) containing two homologous GTP-binding proteins (atToc33 and atToc159) and a channel protein (atToc75) facilitates protein translocation across the outer envelope membrane. The mechanisms governing function and assembly(More)
In algae, the biosynthesis of docosahexaenoic acid (22:6omega3; DHA) proceeds via the elongation of eicosapentaenoic acid (20:5omega3; EPA) to 22:5omega3, which is required as a substrate for the final Delta4 desaturation. To isolate the elongase specific for this step, we searched expressed sequence tag and genomic databases from the algae Ostreococcus(More)
The translocon at the inner envelope membrane of chloroplasts (Tic) plays a central role in plastid biogenesis by coordinating the sorting of nucleus-encoded preproteins across the inner membrane and coordinating the interactions of preproteins with the processing and folding machineries of the stroma. Despite these activities, the precise roles of known(More)
Omega6- and omega3-polyunsaturated C20 fatty acids represent important components of the human diet. A more regular consumption and an accordingly sustainable source of these compounds are highly desirable. In contrast with the very high levels to which industrial fatty acids have to be enriched in plant oils for competitive use as chemical feedstocks, much(More)
Two homologous GTP-binding proteins, atToc33 and atToc159, control access of cytosolic precursor proteins to the chloroplast. atToc33 is a constitutive outer chloroplast membrane protein, whereas the precursor receptor atToc159 also exists in a soluble, cytosolic form. This suggests that atToc159 may be able to switch between a soluble and an integral(More)
Many important systems like concurrent heap-manipulating programs, communication networks, or distributed algorithms are hard to verify due to their inherent dynamics and unboundedness. Graphs are an intuitive representation of states of these systems, where transitions can be conveniently described by graph transformation rules. We present a framework for(More)
2005 1 Erklärung Hiermit erkläre ich, Björn Wachter, an Eides statt, dass ich die vorliegende Diplomarbeit selbstständig verfasst und keine anderen als die angegebenen Quellen verwendet habe. Abstract Establishing correctness of systems with replicated components, UML models, and heap-manipulating programs requires showing universally quantified temporal(More)