Jörg Bauer

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An investigation of interfacial interaction has been performed between an industry oriented epoxy molding compound Epoxy Phenol Novolac (EPN) and its filled variety EPN<sup>F</sup> (with silica particles) and a native silicon dioxide layer (SiO<inf>2</inf>) usually found at chip surfaces. The free surfaces of both solid materials were experimentally(More)
Fan-out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP) is one of the latest packaging trends in microelectronics for heterogeneous system integration. This paper describes the technological path from wafer level embedding to 24"&#x00D7;18" fan-out panel level packaging technology in combination with low cost PCB based RDL processes and discusses challenges and opportunities(More)
Microtechnology becomes a versatile tool for biological and biomedical applications. Microwells have been established long but remained non-intelligent up to now. Merging new fabrication techniques and handling concepts with microelectronics enables to realize intelligent microwells suitable for future improved cancer treatment. The described technology(More)
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