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BACKGROUND Standard plateletpheresis techniques and effects on platelet (PLT) donors were investigated to provide an informative basis for advancement of apheresis software. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS Three paired groups with 33 male and 22 female blood donors were prospectively investigated by analyzing blood counts of donors and products. Four apheresis(More)
Printed circuit board (PCB) technology can be used for producing lab-on-a-chip (LOAC) devices. PCBs are characterized by low production costs and large-scale development, both essential elements in the frame of disposable applications. LOAC platforms have been employed not only for diagnostic and/or analytical purposes, but also for identification and(More)
The properties of epoxy based materials alter, when exposed to humid environment and temperature. To better understand the failure mechanisms on microelectronic packaging we examine these epoxies (aromatic epoxy: l,3-Bis-(2,3-epoxypropyl)-benzene and amine hardener: 1,2-Diaminoethan ) under different initial conditions of temperature (300-400 K) &(More)
A new-generation interconnect for optical backplane systems based on printed circuits board is presented for transmitting data via integrated multimode polymer optical waveguides both on electro-optical transmitter/receiver processing boards and on optical backplane board. Different developments concerning this system such as optical waveguide technology,(More)
Fungal infections are a serious health problem in clinics, especially in the immune-compromised patient. Disease ranges from widespread superficial infections like vulvovaginal infections to life-threatening systemic candidiasis. Especially for systemic mycoses, only a limited arsenal of antifungals is available. The most commonly used classes of antifungal(More)
Novel nontoxic (S)-2-aminoalkylbenzimidazole derivatives were found to be effective against Candida spp. at low micromolar concentrations using high-throughput screening with infected HeLa cells. A collection of analogues defined the chemical groups relevant for activity. The most active compound was characterized by transcriptional analysis of the response(More)
In this paper the potential of molecular dynamics simulation for structure-property correlations in epoxy-resins is discussed. This is a topic relevant for a multi-scale framework to lifetime prediction in microelectronics packaging. To achieve that objective, epoxy-resins are synthesised by systematically varying their chemical structure and then(More)
An analysis of moisture transport through the bulk of a crosslinked epoxy has been performed experimentally and by molecular dynamics simulations. It was shown that results of the diffusion coefficient compare well for the investigated system and an analysis of the activation energy gives reasonable agreement between experiment and simulation.