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In AIDS therapy, attempts have been made to inhibit the virus-encoded enzymes, e.g. HIV-1 protease, using active site-directed inhibitors. This approach is questionable, however, due to virus mutations and the high toxicity of the drugs. An alternative method to inhibit the dimeric HIV protease is the targeting of the interface region of the protease(More)
Nerve injury after peripheral regional anesthesia is rare and is not usually permanent. Some authors believe that inducing peripheral nerve blocks in patients during general anesthesia or analgosedation adds an additional risk factor for neuronal damage. This is based on published case reports showing that there is a positive correlation between paresthesia(More)
In the present study we examined 41 volunteers using magnetic resonance imaging to obtain biometric data of the thigh used for a planned blockade of the sciatic nerve via the lateral approach. At a needle entry point 12 cm proximal to the gap of the knee joint at the posterior border of the M. vastus lateralis, the sciatic nerve lies on average at a depth(More)
In the present study we examined the influence of local anesthetics on the ability to stimulate a nerve by means of peripheral nerve stimulation. In 35 patients either 5 ml saline (group 1, n=18) or local anesthetics (group 2, n=17) were injected close to the sciatic nerve in a randomized and double-blind manner. The current needed to stimulate the nerve(More)
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