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High relapse rate is one of the most prominent problems in addiction treatment. Alcohol Resilience Treatment (ART), an alcohol addiction therapy, is based on Cue Exposure Treatment, which has shown promising results in preliminary studies. ART aims at optimizing the core area of relapse prevention, and intends to improve patients' capability to withstand(More)
The right preoperative assessment of mitral valve insufficiency is essential for a successful therapy. But although significant progress has been made in the visualization and quantification of the regurgitant flow, clinicians may still misinterpret the severity of the insufficiency, particularly in rather light cases. In order to provide more reliable(More)
Zusammenfassung: Die präoperative Planung cardiochirurgischer Eingriffe basierend auf standardisierten dreidimensionalen Rekonstruktionen eines ver-muteten Defektes ist für den Herzchirurgen besonders wünschenswert. Um Ver-fahren zur Erstellung derartiger Ansichten allerdings in der klinischen Routine etablieren zu können, muß dieser Vorgang möglichst(More)