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BACKGROUND As studies on gastrointestinal neuroendocrine carcinoma (WHO G3) (GI-NEC) are limited, we reviewed clinical data to identify predictive and prognostic markers for advanced GI-NEC patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS Data from advanced GI-NEC patients diagnosed 2000-2009 were retrospectively registered at 12 Nordic hospitals. RESULTS The median(More)
BACKGROUND A non-anatomic placement of the femoral and tibial tunnels may affect outcome in anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstructions. Tunnel placements are validated with varying imaging modalities. We compared measurements of tunnel placements between radiographs, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in a clinical setting,(More)
OBJECTIVE The aims of this study were to assess the prevalence of temporomandibular disorders (TMD) among adolescents and to contrast the prevalence of TMD according to the DC/TMD clinical examination protocol versus the prevalence of pain related to TMD according to two screening questions. MATERIAL AND METHODS Two hundred and ten adolescents living in(More)
OBJECTIVES Biomarkers for diagnosis and therapy efficacy in tuberculosis (TB) are requested. We have studied biomarkers that may differentiate between active and latent TB infection (LTBI), the influence of HIV infection and changes during anti-TB chemotherapy. METHODS Thirty-eight plasma cytokines, assessed by multiplex and enzyme immunoassays, were(More)
OBJECTIVES Autonomic symptoms are present in early stages of Parkinson's disease (PD), but evidence on how they are influenced by dopaminergic treatment remains unclear. The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of dopaminergic treatment on autonomic symptoms in early PD in a population-based cohort. METHODS A total of 171 drug-naive patients(More)
We tested the hypothesis that increases in tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) induced by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are associated with the increases in slow-wave sleep seen in early HIV infection and the decrease with sleep fragmentation seen in advanced HIV infection. Nocturnal sleep disturbances and associated fatigue contribute to the(More)
A significant variation in the metastatic pattern among breast cancer patients exists. Clinical observations suggest that these differences are related to time to recurrence (TTR), thus suggesting a common systemic growth signal at the time of surgery. Our goal was to identify a marker for synchronized growth of micrometastases. To quantify the metastatic(More)
This paper examines the prevalence of multiple symptoms and the relationships between future expectations and multiple symptoms in a cross-sectional study of 100 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. A questionnaire was used to examine the patients' symptoms of breathlessness, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, fatigue, and pain, and their(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to measure chest compression decay during simulated advanced life support (ALS) in a cardiac arrest manikin model. METHODS 19 paramedic teams, each consisting of three paramedics, performed ALS for 12 minutes with the same paramedic providing all chest compressions. The patient was a resuscitation manikin found in(More)
BACKGROUND A randomized and controlled clinical study was performed to evaluate the use of neurofeedback (NF) to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and adolescents. METHODS The ADHD population was selected from an outpatient clinic for Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Norway. Ninety-one of the 275 children and(More)