Jöns Åkerlund

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The relationship between the cholesterol 7 alpha-hydroxylase activity and the pool of free cholesterol in rat liver microsomes was studied under experimental conditions aimed to stimulate (biliary drainage, cholestyramine treatment, and lymphatic drainage) as well as inhibit (chenodeoxycholic acid treatment) bile acid synthesis. Highly accurate methods(More)
Kelb is a new real-time programming environment developed at Uppsala University for the Sony AIBO ERS-210. It is aimed to provide efficiency by introducing a notion of lightweight tasks executing according to well-known real-time scheduling algorithms and resource protocols, while still allowing applications to be developed in a high-level abstract(More)
Computational database technology spans the two research fields database technology and scientific computing. It involves development of database capabilities that support computational-intensive applications found in science and engineering. This includes support for representing and processing of mathematical models within the database environment without(More)
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