József Tigyi

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The attenuated Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) vaccine MTH-68/H has been found to cause regression of various tumors including certain types of human neoplasms (See Table 1 and References 86-88). The mechanism of its oncolytic action is poorly understood, but it appears to affect specific signaling pathways in the target cell. We studied the cellular effects(More)
 Effects and the mechanism of action of quaternary amine local anesthetics on ligand- and voltage-activated ion currents were studied using voltage-clamped ovarian follicles and oocytes from Xenopus laevis. The fast inward and slow outward currents in response to acetylcholine were unaltered by procaine, whereas the oscillatory and smooth inward chloride(More)
The dependence of the heat production of muscle on length was examined in isometric (with stretch) and isotonic (free of stretch) tetanuses of 2 s. The isometric heat production was significantly greater than the isotonic one at any length of muscle. The isometric heat coefficient (Flo/Q, where F is the active tension development of muscle measured in(More)