József Kollár

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Depressive symptoms can often be observed after stroke. We prospectively evaluated patients at a stroke unit in order to determine the occurrence and severity of depressive symptoms in the acute phase of stroke in 82 patients 7 +/- 2 days after admission to the stroke unit. Severity of stroke was evaluated by the Scandinavian and Orgogozo scales and the(More)
The aim of the present work was to investigate the impact of gender on resting cerebral blood flow velocity and cerebrovascular reserve capacity among diabetic patients. Middle cerebral artery mean blood flow velocity (MCAV) was measured in 72 patients suffering from type 1 diabetes mellitus at rest and 5, 10, 15 and 20 min after intravenous administration(More)
Twenty carotid bifurcations were examined. During autopsy, carotid bifurcations were removed in toto. Unfixed carotids were ligated and cannulated for injection of an angiographic contrast medium followed by injection of a tissue-embedding medium at physiologic pressure and temperature. The carotid bifurcation was frozen and cut manually in 3-mm(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The correct detection and quantification of carotid artery disease are of decisive impact on patient prognosis and adequate treatment. In this study, we evaluated the ability of ultrasonography to detect and to grade carotid artery stenosis through a comparison of the in vivo ultrasound findings with the planimetric analysis of the(More)
Pathologic processes affecting the brain vessels may damage cerebral vasodilatory capacity. Early detection of cerebral dysfunction plays an important role in the prevention of cerebrovascular diseases. In recent decades acetazolamide (AZ) has frequently been used for this purpose. In the present work the mechanism of action and the previous studies are(More)
Resting cerebral glucose metabolism was assessed by 18[F]-fluorodeoxyglucose in 11 Down syndrome patients. Standardized uptake values were determined on a pixel-by-pixel basis from the measured tissue-activity data. The results revealed a mean overall 18[F]-fluorodeoxyglucose uptake in the Down syndrome patients close to that observed in the control group,(More)
The authors have analyzed and compared the results of the 99mTc-ECD-SPECT and FDG-PET examinations, performed in alert state, of 12 children suffering from infantile (9 subjects) or atypical (3 subjects) autism. In addition to frontally increased FDG metabolism, a decreased blood flow with left-sided dominance was found bifrontally and bitemporally in the(More)
We investigated the cervical level of carotid bifurcation, diameter of common carotid artery (CCA) and internal carotid artery (ICA) in 147 Japanese patients (150 arteries, range of age 31-79) and in 490 Hungarian patients (517 arteries, range of age 12-77). The cervical level of carotid bifurcation was determined by comparison with cervical vertebra. The(More)
The effect of proteinuria on urinary zinc and copper excretion was studied in children with nephrotic syndrome (NS). Clearance, fractional excretion, and urinary excretion of zinc and copper were significantly higher in children with relapse of NS than in the same children with remission of NS or in healthy children. A linear correlation was found between(More)
AIM To compare image quality and diagnostic confidence of 100 kVp CT pulmonary angiography (CTPA) in patients with body weights (BWs) below and above 100kg. MATERIALS AND METHODS The present retrospective study comprised 216 patients (BWs of 75-99kg, 114 patients; 100-125kg, 88 patients; >125kg, 14 patients), who received 100 kVp CTPA to exclude pulmonary(More)