József K. Tar

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Hydraulic differential electric servo cylinders are electromechanical tools applicable for driving e.g. manipulators. Actual models are strongly nonlinear, coupled systems of differential equations. In the present paper we propose a new model using fuzzy differential equations under strongly generalized differentiability concept. The key point is a(More)
In the design of adaptive controllers the “Robust Fixed Point Transformations (RFPT)“-based approach is a recently developed, very simple alternative of “Lyapunov's 2nd Method”. The main difference between them is that while the traditional approach concentrates on guaranteeing global stability at the cost of directly not(More)
In this paper a “Robust Fixed Point Transformation (RFPT)” based adaptive control of an underactuated physical system is stabilized by adaptively tuning only one parameter of a single fuzzy membership function. This approach serves as an alternative to Lyapunov's “direct” method that suffers from mathematical difficulties when a(More)
For replacing Lyapunov's sophisticated “2nd Method” in the design of adaptive controllers a novel approach based on Robust Fixed Point Transformations (RFPT) was proposed that directly concentrates on the designer's intent instead of forcing global stability. It guarantees convergence only in a bounded basin while iteratively generating the(More)
In this paper a brief survey is provided on a novel approach to adaptive nonlinear control developed at Budapest Tech in the past few years. Since this problem tackling is mainly based on simple geometric and algebraic considerations a brief historical summary is given on the antecedents to exemplify the advantages of geometric way of thinking in Natural(More)
Besides the motion control issues and problems arising in general robotic applications, control engineers frequently encounter difficulties in designing robotic surgery systems due to the complex environmental constraints present. One of the most challenging problems is caused by the unique behavior of soft tissues under manipulations such as grabbing,(More)