József Hlinka

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We study theoretically and demonstrate experimentally light-controllable terahertz reflectivity of high-resistivity semiconductor wafers. Photocarriers created by interband light absorption form a thin conducting layer at the semiconductor surface, which allows the terahertz reflectivity of the element to be tuned between antireflective (R <3%) and highly(More)
The temperature dependence of wettability (wetting angle, Θ (T)) for Ag-based melts on graphite and Al2O3 substrates is compared. Typical alloying effects are found, as the Ag host metal is gradually replaced by various metallic elements. The essence of alloying lies in the change of the electron/atom (e/a) ratio. This ratio is also manifested in the shift(More)
Relaxors are complex materials with unusual properties that have been puzzling the scientific community since their discovery. The main characteristic of relaxors, that is, their dielectric relaxation, remains unclear and is still under debate. The difficulty to conduct measurements at frequencies ranging from ≃1 GHz to ≃1 THz and the challenge of(More)
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