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Previous factor analyses of catatonia have yielded conflicting results for several reasons including small and/or diagnostically heterogeneous samples and incomparability or lack of standardized assessment. This study examined the factor structure of catatonia in a large, diagnostically homogenous sample of patients with chronic schizophrenia using(More)
To provide a rational basis for reconceptualizing catatonia in Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (Fifth Edition), we briefly review historical sources, the psychopathology of catatonia, and the relevance of catatonic schizophrenia in contemporary practice and research. In contrast to Kahlbaum, Kraepelin and others (Jaspers, Kleist, and(More)
Aggressive and hostile behaviours and anger constitute an important problem across cultures. The Buss-Perry Aggression Questionnaire (AQ), a self-rating scale was published in 1992, and has quickly become the gold-standard for the measurement of aggression. The AQ scale has been validated extensively, but the validation focused on various narrowly selected(More)
BACKGROUND The authors present a case illustrating a mechanism leading directly to death which is not rare but has received little attention. CASE PRESENTATION The case was evaluated by autopsy, investigation of morphine concentration in the blood, and clinical data. The heroin dose causing the 'overdose' death of a young man who had previously been(More)
We attempted a Hungarian adaptation of the European version (EuropASI) of the widely used Addiction Severity Index (ASI) within the frame of a multi-stage quality development programme. The ASI is characterised by good reliability and validity indicators. The empirical background for our research was the data obtained from ASI ratings for 266 alcohol- and(More)
The relationship between physical abuse in childhood and suicide attempts in adulthood has long been known. However, the phenomenon has not been examined in patients who are undergoing treatment for alcoholism. In this study we seek an answer to the questions of whether exposure to physical abuse in childhood predisposes to violence, which in turn increases(More)
Although recently many studies have indicated close connection between aggressive behaviour and suicide, and we can infer at Attila Jozsef's high trait-aggression from several cases, there is no research so far that would analyse the topic of the poet's aggression. We examine in this study the high trait-aggression and conscious poetic attitude of Attila(More)
One of the basic questions of the art psychology is whether a personal motif is to be found behind works of art and if so, how openly or indirectly it appears in the work itself. Analysis of examples and documents from the fine arts and literature allow us to conclude that the personal motif that can be identified by the viewer through symbols, at times(More)