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A novel Neural Network Based Fuzzy Inference System for financial default forecast will be introduced. A wide range of financial forecasts is known. This method is focusing on the economical default forecast, but the method can be used generally for other financial forecasts as well, for example for calculating the Value at Risk. This hybrid method is(More)
An Artificial Intelligence based classification system will be introduced that can be helpful in separating financial ratios into two classes. The main goal was to develop a Support Vector Machine based implementation that can draw reasonably accurate conclusions even from an extensive data set. In addition, the scalability and configurability of the(More)
Fuzzy systems have already proven on many science areas that they can be used also for classification problems. The same situation arises in case of support vector machines. These two methods can be combined very easily although they seem to be far from each other for the first sight. In this article a new approach, namely a new Fuzzy Support Vector Machine(More)
In this article, our aim is to demonstrate a new approach on financial credit decision support based on artificial intelligence, which, beside the classic methods, gets more and more prevalent in economics [1]. Our goal was to work out and achieve a decision tree-based credit decision method which is able to process and appraise data both in large numbers(More)
Asset valuation has long been a challenging and important task in finance. It is commonly performed prior to the sale of an asset and it may consist of both subjective and objective measurements. Suppose that the value of our asset depends on the currency fluctuations on the global financial markets. Suppose further that we are in the position to derive(More)
Credit rating evaluates the creditworthiness of a company. The evaluation traditionally relies on algorithms and sophisticated programs requiring the analysis of a large amount of data. The aim of this article is to demonstrate a new method of financial classification, which uses artificial intelligence. This method is based on the analysis of data using a(More)
Nowadays credit rating is of paramount importance in our economic system. In this article a new approach on financial credit rating will be demonstrated. Unlike many classical credit rating methods, the power of this solution lies in the use of artificial intelligence, which is getting more and more prevalent in economics [J. Bozsik, Neural Fuzzy System for(More)
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