József Bocsi

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Microfabricated flow cytometers can detect, count, and analyze cells or particles using microfluidics and electronics to give impedance-based characterization. Such systems are being developed to provide simple, low-cost, label-free, and portable solutions for cell analysis. Recent work using microfabricated systems has demonstrated the capability to(More)
An orally applicable fermentation product of wheat germ containing 0.04% substituted benzoquinone (MSC) has been invented by Hungarian chemists under the trade name of AVEMAR. Oral administration (3 g/kg body weight) of MSC enhances blastic transformation of splenic lymphocytes in mice. The same treatment shortens the survival time of skin grafts in a(More)
Formaldehyde was applied in various doses (0.1-10.0 mM) to HT-29 human colon carcinoma and HUV-EC-C human endothelial cell cultures. Cell number, apoptotic and mitotic index as well as proportion of cells in S-phase was investigated by morphological methods and flow cytometry. Ten mM of formaldehyde caused high degree of cell damage and practically(More)
Stem cells have turned into promising tools for studying the mechanisms of development, regeneration, and for cell therapy of various disorders. Stem cells are found in the embryo and in most adult tissues participating in endogenous tissue regeneration. They are capable of autorenovation, often maintain their multipotency of differentiation into various(More)
Statins have been used successfully in the treatment of hypercholesterinaemia. Moreover, in vitro studies have shown that statins can trigger apoptosis in a variety of tumor cell lines. In the present study we analysed the effect of mevastatin--a novel inhibitor of HMG-COA reductase, the rate-limiting enzyme of the mevalonate pathway--on U266 human myeloma(More)
The mode of cytoprotective action of the monoamine oxydase B inhibitor (−)-deprenyl was studied using A-2058 human melanoma cells in culture. Serum deprivation caused apoptosis of the cultured cells, which could be decreased by administration of 10−9− 10−13 M (−)-deprenyl. The known metabolites of (−)-deprenyl, (−)-desmethyl-deprenyl, (−)- and(More)
OBJECTIVES AND METHODS Tumor dormancy and resistance to cytotoxic agents are key limiting events in the treatment of malignant diseases. To determine whether both are influenced by the extracellular milieu in which tumors reside, HT1080 human fibrosarcoma, MCF-7 breast carcinoma and OSCORT osteosarcoma cell proliferation, viability, apoptosis and(More)
Syndecan-1 is considered an important transmembrane proteoglycan in cell-microenvironment interactions, but its exact function in normal or in transformed B cells is still unknown. In this study, RNA was isolated from peripheral cells of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (B-CLL) and 'normal', non-leukaemic patients, as controls. Reverse PCR showed no or very(More)
Postoperative edema and effusion (POEE) following cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) surgery in children retards recovery and may aggravate postpericardiotomy (PPS), capillary leak syndrome (CLS), or multiorgan failure (MOF). Compared with complication-free children, POEE affected children have different preoperative serum levels of circulating cytokines and(More)
BACKGROUND Although the general conception is that hepatocyte- and bile duct-specific cytokeratin (CK) patterns are maintained throughout the neoplastic process, there is an increasing number of reports showing deviation from the rule. CK patterns have been found to be similar across species barriers, so it could be expected that studying the CK patterns of(More)