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A signicant aspect of the transport companies is to decrease their operational costs. This can be done by optimizing their public transport services. Usually the operational cost of the transportation consists of the cost of the used vehicles and their drivers. It is a very complex task to solve such optimization problems and usually the optimized planning(More)
The therapeutic efficacy of PTT.119, p-F-Phe-m-bis-(2-chloroethyl)amino-L-Phe-Met-ethoxy HCl, was evaluated using the transplantable L1210 leukemia and Ridgway osteogenic sarcoma tumor lines and the spontaneous C3H/StRos mammary tumor and AKR leukemia tumor models. Given in a single i.p. dose at 5-10 mg/kg on day 2 or in two injections of 5-7 mg each on(More)
We have examined the primary immune responses, the numbers of total T (T11+) cells, T-helper (T4+) cells, T-suppressor (T8+) cells, and natural killer (NK) (Leu7+) cells, in 118 healthy control subjects and compared the data to those obtained from 20 patients with clinically diagnosed malignant mesothelioma and 375 long-term asbestos workers without(More)
To study the immunological effects of low-level occupational exposure to lead, we have examined the phenotypic parameters and functional integrity of peripheral blood lymphocytes in a group of firearms instructors and compared the data to those obtained from healthy unexposed controls. Our results indicate that, among individuals with mildly elevated blood(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate the biochemical structure and pathogenic significance of the soluble CD8 (sCD8) present in the serum of HIV-1-infected individuals. In a longitudinal study of a cohort of HIV-infected homosexuals and the amount of sCD8 detected in the plasma was correlated with changes in lymphocyte subsets and with the(More)
A double blind cohort study was conducted on 149 homosexual males and 36 patients with AIDS to investigate the relationship between HIV-1 antigenemia, the presence of neutralizing antibody (NA) activity and specific anti-viral core protein (p24) antibody (Ab) in the sera of HIV infected individuals during their progression to AIDS. All AIDS patients and 68%(More)
3-(Iodoacetamido)-benzoylurea (3-IAABU) is a newly synthesized antitubulin compound with a molecular weight of 347. 3-IAABU exhibited anticancer activity in a variety of tumor cell lines with ID90 in the range of 0.015-0.29 microM for leukemic cells and 0.06-0.92 microM for solid tumors. Higher selectivity against malignant cells was observed with 3-IAABU(More)
The aims of the present study were to analyze the impact of perinatal human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 infection on lymphocyte maturation in children, to determine the expression of activation markers on CD8+ cells, and to define predictors of survival in HIV-infected children. Seventy-one children presenting HIV-related symptoms were included in the(More)