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A signicant aspect of the transport companies is to decrease their operational costs. This can be done by optimizing their public transport services. Usually the operational cost of the transportation consists of the cost of the used vehicles and their drivers. It is a very complex task to solve such optimization problems and usually the optimized planning(More)
Michigan dairy farm residents ate farm products containing polybrominated biphenyls (PBB's) after the accidential contamination of animal feed with the chemical in that state in 1973. The circulating blood lymphocytes of these residents show significant changes. Abnormalities include decreases in the numbers and percentages of peripheral blood lymphocytes(More)
In 1996 Ivkovič and Lloyd [A fundamental restriction on fully dynamic maintenance of bin packing, Inform. on the asymptotic worst-case ratio for so-called fully dynamic bin packing algorithms, where the number of repackable items in each step is restricted by a constant. In this paper we improve this result to about 1.3871. We present our proof for a(More)
In online bin packing problems, items of sizes in [0, 1] are to be partitioned into subsets of total size at most 1, called bins. We introduce a new variant where items are of two types, called black and white, and the item types must alternate in each bin, that is, two items of the same type cannot be assigned consecutively into a bin. This variant(More)