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UNLABELLED The ARIA study demonstrates the correlation between bronchial asthma (BA) and perennial rhinitis (PR) with mite or animal fur allergies. There are no reports concerning correlation between BA and PR with mould allergy. The authors of this study estimated the prevalence of BA in patients with PR, allergic to moulds in comparison with patients(More)
BACKGROUND Eosinophils are important components of allergic inflammation. The immunoglobulin A (IgA) Fc receptor (FcalphaRI), encoded by the FCAR gene, is a possible candidate for eosinophil activation at mucosal surfaces, where IgA is abundant. Both elevated cell surface expression of FcalphaRI and increased avidity for IgA were described on eosinophils(More)
In this study we have explored the presence of cross reactivity to penicillin and ampicillin in patients with immediate allergic reactions caused by amoxicillin. Skin test results with amoxicillin were positive in 66.66% and in the remaining 33.34% were negative. In 81.48% patients we observed positive results of skin tests with penicillin and/or(More)
Bronchial asthma is a chronic disease of the respiratory tract. Search for alternative to presently used therapies seems to be the way to obtain a better control of asthma. Heparin is an acidic mucopolysaccharide and in the past years there has been a number of reports on the role of heparin and low-molecular-weight heparin (LMWH) in chronic inflammatory(More)
In this study we have decided to explore the diagnostic usefulness of CAST-ELISA test in patients with immediate allergic reactions caused by penicillin. Peripheral blood leukocytes were stimulated by commercially available penicillin allergens--Penicillin G, Benzyl-penicillin--Polylysine and specially performed Penicillin G conjugated to human serum(More)
BACKGROUND Males and females exhibit different susceptibility to allergic diseases. OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to evaluate gender-related differences in the prevalence of allergic diseases in Poland. MATERIAL AND METHODS To evaluate this problem, data from the Polish Multicenter Study of the Epidemiology of Allergic Diseases (PMSEAD) was(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to investigate the prevalence rate of latex sensitization and latex allergy among children with spina bifida and to evaluate risk factors for natural rubber latex hypersensitivity. METHODS A total of 34 children between 2.5 and 17 years of age participated in the study. Participants completed a questionnaire and(More)
Specific immunotherapy (SIT) can in some cases influence the course of allergic inflammation (eosinophilia and ECP concentration in peripheral tissue). This study was set up to evaluate the efficacy of three-year pre-seasonal SIT with grass pollen allergoid. We measured NALf eosinophilia and ECP concentration both in NALf and blood serum after subsequent(More)
A case of angioedema caused by enalapril, undiagnosed for 5 years was presented. Enhanced blood and tissue eosinophilia shown in nasal smear was observed. In addition increased activity of coagulation system was shown manifested by enhance of concentration of Hageman factor and cardiolipin antibodies IgM and IgA isotype. The role of coagulation, complement(More)