Józef Langfort

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This placebo-controlled double-blind study was designed to investigate the effect of arginine and ornithine (arg and orn) supplementation during 3-week heavy-resistance training on serum growth hormone/insulin-like growth factor-1/insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 3 (GH/IGF-1/IGFBP-3), testosterone, cortisol, and insulin levels in experienced(More)
The enzymic regulation of triacylglycerol breakdown in skeletal muscle is poorly understood. Western blotting of muscle fibres isolated by collagenase treatment or after freeze-drying demonstrated the presence of immunoreactive hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL), with the concentrations in soleus and diaphragm being more than four times the concentrations in(More)
This study was aimed at evaluation of changes in activities of selected antioxidant enzymes (superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase, and glutathione reductase) and contents of key nonenzymatic antioxidants (glutathione, protein thiol groups, and α- and γ-tocopherols) in the left heart ventricle of young male Wistar rats subjected to(More)
Fatty acids, which are the major cardiac fuel, are derived from lipid droplets stored in cardiomyocytes, among other sources. The heart expresses hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL), which regulates triglycerides (TG) breakdown, and the enzyme is under hormonal control. Evidence obtained from adipose tissue suggests that testosterone regulates HSL activity. To(More)
The aim of the present study was to find out whether activities of the enzymes controlling adenosine metabolism, 5'-nucleotidase (5NT) and adenosine deaminase (ADA), in the left ventricle of the rat's heart change after 6 weeks of endurance or sprint training. Additionally, an influence of a single bout of endurance exercise till exhaustion on activities of(More)
The aim of this study was to establish whether the rate of fatty acid (FA) incorporation and its utilization by the isolated soleus muscle is modified under conditions of thyroid hormone deficit or excess. The rate of palmitic acid (PA) uptake, oxidation and incorporation into intramuscular lipids with increasing PA concentration (0.5-1.5 mM) in the(More)
AIM The enzymatic regulation of intramuscular triacylglycerol (TG) breakdown has until recently not been well understood. Our aim was to elucidate the role of hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL), which controls TG breakdown in adipose tissue. METHODS Isolated rat muscle as well as exercising humans were studied. RESULTS The presence of HSL was demonstrated(More)
Because the enzymic regulation of muscle triglyceride breakdown is poorly understood we studied whether neutral lipase in skeletal muscle is activated by contractions. Incubated soleus muscles from 70 g rats were electrically stimulated for 60 min. Neutral lipase activity against triacylglycerol increased after 1 and 5 min of contractions [0.36 +/- 0.02(More)
The aim of the study was to assess the effects of a combination of anabolic-androgenic steroid abuse and endurance training during adolescence on selected aspects of oxidative stress and antioxidant defenses in various striated muscle types. The effects were studied of testosterone propionate (TP) treatment (8 and 80 mg/kg/week, for 6 weeks), given alone or(More)
1. The aim of this study was to find out whether the anaerobic threshold (AT) can be estimated in rats running at increasing speed and if so what is the reproducibility of the measurements. 2. Lactate (LA) concentrations in blood taken from 11 rats were determined during a discontinued, multistage treadmill exercise test repeated four times in each animal.(More)