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The environment in which transport analysis and infrastructure planning takes place has changed dramatically during the last years. The focus is now, to a considerable extent, on how to transform the transport system in a direction that could be sustainable in the long run, rather than on planning for infrastructure investment to meet new demand. At the(More)
Akademisk avhandling som med tillstånd av KTH i Stockholm framläggs till offentlig granskning för avläggande av teknisk doktorsexamen fredagen den 30 september kl. Acknowledgements This thesis is certainly the product of far more than my own work and abilities. Without my brilliant supervisors Maria Börjesson, Oded Cats, Jonas Eliasson and Leonid Engelson(More)
The theory for non-stationary flow in translatory waves is developed for an inclined plane in a prismatic channel and a funneling channel. The existence of translatory waves traveling over dry land or superimposed on constant flow is established, and the dependance on the initial flow value is discussed. Inherent instabilities of the wave tail are(More)
Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is widely used in public decision making on infrastructure investments. However, the demand forecasts, cost estimates, benefit valuations and effect assessments that are conducted as part of CBAs are all subject to various degrees of uncertainty. The question is to what extent CBAs, given such uncertainties, are still useful as a(More)
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