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Masculinity strategies of young queer men as queer capital
This article explores how 11 gay and bisexual young men in Iceland, whom we interviewed, have adopted different strategies to deal with the reality of Icelandic masculinity manifestations in theExpand
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‘Flaming Gays’ and ‘One of the Boys’? White Middle-class Boys, Queer Sexualities and Gender in Icelandic High Schools
Being a small island society close to the Arctic Circle, Iceland has depended on its agricultural and fishing industries since its settlement in the late 9th century. Thus, historically, IcelandicExpand
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Queering the environment and caring for the self: Icelandic LGBT students’ experience of the upper secondary school
Heteronormative culture and heterosexism is experienced by many LGBT students and queer individuals in their daily interactions with their environment. Icelandic upper secondary schools are noExpand
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Inclusion, exclusion and the queering of spaces in two Icelandic upper secondary schools
The concept of space is gaining increased attention in studies of sexuality and gender, not least those focusing on heterosexism and heteronormativity. Such studies have demonstrated that space isExpand
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In search of queer spaces in Tehran: Heterotopias, power geometries and bodily orientations in queer Iranian men’s lives
This article is based on an ethnographic study that provides insights into queer Iranian men’s lives in Iran, and specifically in Tehran. It was conceived in response to concerns about accountsExpand
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Gender-segregated spaces in Icelandic high schools: resistance, power and subjectification
ABSTRACT Organization of spaces in schools often revolves around gender and sexuality. For example, it has been reported that restrooms and locker rooms are the most heteronormative and heterosexistExpand
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Manifestations of Heterosexism in Icelandic Upper Secondary Schools and the Responses of LGBT Students
How does institutionalized heterosexism manifest itself in Icelandic upper secondary schools and how do lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students respond to these manifestations? InExpand
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Schooling sexualities and gendered bodies. Experiences of LGBT students in Icelandic upper secondary schools
In this paper, we study how Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people (LGBT) students in Icelandic upper secondary schools interpret their experience of heteronormative environment and how theyExpand
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Queer Counterpublic Spatialities
The concept of queering space and queer spatialities is the topic of this chapter. It draws particularly on Doreen Massey’s theoretical work on space, particularly the notion of space as not beingExpand